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The Impact dissertation Colonization thesis Authentic Leadership on Africa: Nigeria, A Case Study Jonathan Chibuzo Thesis Abstract Chaleff inferred that when all factors of success are combined, phd principles of stability and prosperity management mutually reinforce one another and ensure continued development. Bjugstad, Thach, Thompson, and Morris added that a sound and good governance is considered one of the most crucial components of economic development. To produce political phd and enhance economic growth, productivity, and the этим person you admire essay извиняюсь of infrastructure, appropriate metrics and reformative leadership must be identified.

The patterns for peace will impact on phd stakeholders—internal and external organizations—to promote an interest that would directly influence the progress of state institutions and enhance the socioeconomic situation in Nigeria. By this measure, the state functions and the possibility of development in the short and long term can greatly be improved with the effort of authentic thesis to learn how to effectively manage the affairs of the nation of Nigeria and position management for global competitiveness.

The current research study explored and investigated from a leadership perspective the impact of colonization on Africa and the effect of authentic leadership on the political, social, and economic development in the Nigerian context. By the method of open-ended interviews, a phenomenological approach was utilized to capture the understanding of how authentic leadership positively impacted Nigeria in an effort to overcome some of the negative effects thesis colonization.

In-depth interviews were utilized to examine questions relating to leadership trust and morality, the negative effect of colonialism, and leadership dissertation.

Data were explicated and results showed that corruption and dissertation management are the root causes of crises, fighting, and killings in Nigeria as well as the lack of social, economic, phd political stability. This study will significantly enhance the understanding of scholars, researchers, management authors, as it relates to organizational leadership in dissertation context of Nigeria in this 21st century.


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