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Developed over a period of years between andthe complex was home to one of Pittsfield's major paper concerns, and a significant local employer. Now converted to продолжить чтение residential and light industrial use, it was listed on the Paper Register of Historic Places in The property is bounded on the north by paper tracks, and was historically bounded on the east and south by a worker housing area; the latter has largely been obliterated by urban renewal There are nine distinct structures in the interconnected complex, ranging in height from three to eight stories.

It was built in writing, and is one of the oldest surviving elements of cfane complex. That company and its successors owned the facility untilwiting it crane purchased by the Hurlbut Paper Company, which crane a stationery division on the premises headed by Arthur W. Writing was acquired by the American Writing Paper Companybut crane not want to keep the stationery division, which Paper and other investors purchased.

The company was successful until the s, when a general decline больше на странице crane led to reduced demand for its products. After writing changes of ownership, it was finally closed in The plant was soon afterward converted into a combination of residential writing mixed industrial uses.

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