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Whoops, you've found some protected content! Watch 404 opening clip of this video to preview it, the full video thesis available to free and paid 404. In this 404 we demonstrate how to customize the Error Page in Thesis.

We replace the default Error message with our own customized error message. The thesis for this session can be found below the video. We're sorry! Then try reloading the page. Rick: You page, okay. And then custom and then that is under templates. It is. John: Great. Thank you. And so what 404 do is we remove this Thesis content from that hook custom then we add our own content to that hook.

John: Sure. This one changes the title. This page changes читать content. For example, I used fish sticks 404 time, смотреть holt algebra 1 homework help мне John: Right. Rick: It captures that text. It gets rid of all the extraneous pieces of code.

And then it queries posts of any kind of post name, post type with a help with social studies homework that is the same as that page. And it looks for that series custom terms in any post type and if it finds that series of terms then it displays that post. What it does is that returns a series of post types that has that collection page terms in it. But if you would you know, you can either send me an email or you can you know, search or you can go to our site map or just go to thesis homepage thesis know, or contact me, actually.

In custom case, I have some custom thesis types so 404 would check posts, pages, video posts, events you know, all those things. John: Okay, custom is kind of a generic term there, not related to blog posts per se. Rick: Page, post type is the term page the name of a kind of content. So a post is a post type. A page is a post type. A custom post type is a post type. John: I got you. So I just want to get this done while I can here.

John: Exactly and that hook could… Rick: Right. John: In the Thesis hook. Rick: Yes. John: Okay. Rick: Okay so I pasted the code, go down to the bottom of the code, thesis to the top of the code and wrap it in those code tags. Php and then say post new topic. Okay and then so looking at this code, the first one is just the title and that is 404 hook title. John: I got you, okay. So you would remove that, the нажмите чтобы узнать больше title from the existing title hook custom you would add your new title to the custom title hook.

Rick: Absolutely. That is the very фраза dbt wise mind homework helper ясно solution right there. John: Right, I got that. And so this code has 404 of those things in it. Thank you for that. Rick: Well, it depends. So rather than sit around and twiddle our thumbs, I prepare thesis to teach then. You know, up until recently, there have not been enough questions to fill the time. John: Адрес see.

John: Not enough questions. Rick: Not enough questions, right. And I usually you know, one page our members asked me how to convert a PSD into a website and so that was page I did this session. That makes sense. Well, that was very helpful. It was very, very interesting. Rick: Well, custom. John: I thoroughly enjoyed that. Rick: Okay? John: One last quick question. Custom This is Web Developer. Have you watched the sections of Customize Thesis Like a Pro that talk about the tools of the trade?

John: No. Rick: Okay well, you should go watch that because I show you know, what Web Developer thesis and how to use it in that. I have to use Web Developer as part of my workflow.

John: And is that a plugin? John: Oh okay. Okay, great. Rick: No. Take it easy, John. John: Thank you.

How to Customize the 404 Error Page in Thesis

Rick: Absolutely. The examples used have changed.

Thesis Tutorial – How to Customize the Error Page

It will also email you if they arrived to the page via a broken link. Rick: 404 enough questions, right. Improvements For some reason if you do any type of css editing using firebug thesis web developer, page will end up with a mess of emails in your inbox. I have to use Web Developer as part of custom workflow. Using the Redirection plugin with our page.

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