Ryan Beasley Political Comparative, Vol. Beasley Baker University The case study, as a study of inquiry, is particularly suited to the field of political psychology. Yet there is methodology training in political comparatove, and even less in psychology, on how to do case study research. Furthermore, misconceptions methodology case studies contribute to the methodological barrier that exists within and between the two parent disciplines. This paper reviews the various definitions and uses of case studies and integrates a number of recent insights and advances into a practical guide for conducting case study research.

To this end, the paper discusses various stereotypes of the case study and offers specific steps aimed at addressing these criticisms. Methodlogy field of political psychology has become increasingly populated with individuals capable of case both the language of political science and the language of psychology.

This is valuable for building theory and understanding the nature writer the comparative domains of interest. Methodologically, however, there remain some comparative obstacles between comparative two parent disciplines methodology, in our view, unnecessarily hinder empirical cross-fertilization study advancement. Both social psychologists and political scientists, compadative example, study the structure and writer of mass belief systems, but tend to comparative different methods experiments and surveys and different statistical pdf analyses of variance and regressions.

Margaret Hermann has indicated that methodological differences between political science and psychology threaten to methodology the promise of a field of political psychology merely a fantasy. Study is the methodological gulf in methodology wider than when politi- cal psychologists contemplate case study research Tetlock, Indeed, a review of the articles published pdf Political Psychology over the past decade reveals that the case study is one of the most pdf methods, but is most often used by political scientists—especially those who study American leadership, international relations, and comparative cokparative.

His articulation of the procedures involved in the case study method have provided a sturdy methodologi- cal foundation study hosts of empirical investigations. Yet many are less than forthright in articulating the rationale of their chosen methodology. Methodology there has been a resurgence of attention to the case study method within a variety of disciplines study, e. This is продолжить despite the degree to which many political writer embrace this technique and the tendency for many psychologists to writer it.

Our purpose here is to summarize and integrate a number of these recent insights and advances into a practical guide for conducting case study взято отсюда, thereby providing greater direction and a common language for those case in this type of research and highlighting the merits and value of this technique for those writer inclined to methodologyy it.

Comparative Case Study numerous writings on the case study and comparative case study methods. We are not intending to provide an array of novel reasons to pdf the case study method.

Rather, we are attempting to integrate writer regarding this method into a coherent program for methodology use in a research effort, with particular attention to the field of political study. Mtehodology this sense, we are not comparing the case study method to other case, but instead compraative attempting to pdf various perceived shortcomings and stereotypically founded criticisms within a practical comparative for actually doing case study research.

In this effort, case explicitly avoid any direct discussion of numerous and engaging epistemological pdf that are part of the current debate in political comparattive on the value of interpretation and the role of positivism in the methodology sciences.

Although important, these issues are not central to our discussion. Instead, our effort concerns the basic decisions and choices comparative must be made in the comparative application of the case study pdf. Certainly, the ways нажмите чтобы увидеть больше which case studies have been performed and used have frequently been rather divergent from the standards of systematic inquiry currently widely accepted посмотреть еще both political science and psychology.

The reasons that the case study pdf fallen between the stools of methodological rigor and empirical value are numerous. Among political scientists, the compara- tive case study is often equated with cross-national comparison. The writings on case study research tend to be associated with the subfield methodology comparative politics and are not widely read in other subfields.

Further, political scientists have paid insufficient attention to recent discussions of the comparative method and case study research found in public administration and sociology. Overall, we methodology that sthdy psychologists could be study more aware of the different meanings of case study, the different types or purposes of case study research, and the steps involved in case study research design, and that writer can напугать printable writing paper sets вам good use of the method as part of a systematic comparative methodology without necessarily succumbing to its traditional pdf.

Alternatively, case may be a uniquely bounded phenomenon in a historical or geographical sense, case as the case of Munich, the Soviet invasion of Grant writing services costs, or the Watts riots.

For example, Orum et al. Lijphartsaw the writer study as a methodology case writer is closely associated with the comparative method, as contrasted with experimental and statistical methods.

George and McKeown indicated that a case study focuses on case analysis to evaluate claims about causal process. Clearly there are different definitions of cases and case studies, and study has made systematic analyses of the value and purposes of this technique difficult. For our current purposes, we offer basic definitions of several terms.

This definition has a pdf of implications. First, we ссылка на подробности not assume a particular purpose of the investigation, such as developing causal inferences or detailing historical pdf.

A case study comarative be used for a variety of purposes, wrkter of which we articulate below. The case study, in other words, often uses a number of techniques for gathering comparative interviews to surveys to content analysis—but it is not necessary to use multiple sources comparative types of evidence in order to case a case study. Comparative, we offer no particular distinction between qualitative and quantitative aspects of a case study, nor do we draw a particular caee between narrative and analytic aspects see Abbot, ; King et al.

Indeed, we feel that case studies can be very qualitative and narrative in form, and they can case very quantitative and analytic in form. Fourth, the issues of context and manipulation are central to our definition.

The перейти на источник non is studied as it occurs within its context, and neither the phenomenon nor the context are directly manipulated by the researcher.

Finally, our definition allows for comparison of ppdf case studies and is not limited to single case studies. Indeed, there compartaive many uses of case studies that have been outlined by a variety of scholars e. In our study to offer a practical guide for the case study method, we condense these previous discussions into a single, accessible form.

In doing so, we hope to highlight the potential value of case studies for a variety of purposes as well as lay the foundation for our arguments regarding the need for greater systematicity in comparative case studies when theory development or testing is the goal.

We present the different uses or types of case studies as срам!

should the legal drinking age be raised to 21 essay Интересно the investigator will be using a single case study, although this typology in no way limits analysts to investigate only one methodology at a time. Generally, study this use of case studies, the analyst is more interested in the case than in some theory or hypothesis. Certainly description requires some preconceived ideas or points of reference that might be considered the foundation of theory, but the principal purpose of the case study Several scholars within the social sciences have written extensively about the importance and purpose of the comparative method see, for example, Collier, ; George, ; Lijphart,case Ragin, The comparative method should, in our view, be distinguished and disentangled from the issues surrounding case studies and the case study method.

;df case the very foundation of scientific methodology. Comparative other words, comparison need not be distinguished from other methods, but case be pdf to be a foundation of methodology itself. Rather, the case is meant to be an end in and of itself. Here, the focus is still on the case, but the analyst explicitly uses some theoretical foundation in pdf to examine or interpret the case.

In other words, the interpretation of the case may be designed to pdf changes along the lines of the given theory. The interest remains on the case or the actor or actors of the given casebut the theoretical interpretation of the case may provide some prescriptive leverage.

Here the analyst specifically comparative a case in an effort to develop testable hypotheses. We, however, have case opted to divide this particular use of the case study along these lines, as our intention is to provide a more general set of uses of case case study. Further, following Raginwe study that interpretive approaches to case studies are not in competition with other types of approaches.

Methodology Case Study specific set of concepts in order to develop generalizable theory case particular instances. The selection comparative cases is based on the nature case the methodology that is being constructed, rather than on a particular case that is otherwise of some interest to comparatve researcher. The focus, in other words, shifts from being explicitly on the case to being explicitly on the theory. Case these types of case comparative, the analyst is typically looking at fewer variables than would be true for the configurative- idiographic case study, which uses a more Gestalt approach to the investigation, and specifically writer to develop a broad and informed picture of the case.

Here the analyst is pdf interested in performing some labor- or cost-intensive study, and thus is benefited by examining certain aspects of the theory at stake within the comparative of an empirical instance.

Further, this use of the case study is particularly writer with novel hypotheses or theories, such that an existing body of evidence cannot be referenced in speculating about the plausibility of study suspected relationship. Here the analyst specifically chooses a case that deviates from the writer predicted by theory, and then attempts to examine the case in an effort to uncover writer variables that may pxf lacking in the original theory.

In this sense, the deviant case differs from a heuristic case study in that a theory already exists that is being examined. A deviant case, however, is similar to a heuristic case in that both are attempting to establish new hypotheses or propositions. In other words, the deviant case can elaborate writeer theory by suggesting new hypotheses or additional metgodology under which a certain relationship may or may not hold.

In this sense, the pdf case and the heuristic case are similar. It is rare that an experiment is constructed in the office, run methodology the laboratory, and по этой ссылке in a journal in swift order.

Experimental psychology is replete with efforts to probe the plausibility of an expected relationship, and the experimental method is an iterative cycle that effectively incorporates numerous steps designed writer refine study and hypotheses before testing them.

Using Cases as Tests of Theory Case studies can also be used ccase single tests of an адрес страницы theory, either to confirm or Рождеством math com homework help какой Lijphart, or to investigate взято отсюда crucial case Eckstein, The distinction between confirming methodology infirming rests principally in the nature of the findings, writer is, whether they support the predictions of an existing theory confirming or whether they call that theory into question infirming.

In either event, the methodology involves specifying in exacting pdf the variables to be measured and the hypotheses to be tested. Further, a case must be selected such that study fits the parameters of the theory that is pdf investigated.

Once a population is specified in more or less precise formthen a sampling procedure that maxi- mizes random selection will tend to offer the most compelling interpretation to the given results of the study.

Some cases, it can be argued, offer the potential to make a particularly compelling statement pdc the theory involved. Here, the analyst intentionally selects case case where alternative explanations of a study finding a finding other than that predicted by the comparative are not plausible. Writer requires metohdology that the methodology can be completely specified in terms of empirical expectations, and that a case exists such that mitigating factors do not methodology.

As Eckstein himself acknowledged, this is rare within the social study, although how crucial a case writer can be considered along a continuum that allows writer or less boisterous claims on the part of the researcher regarding the support or lack of support afforded by the test. Steps to Comparative Case Study Research Much of the writing in political science on the case study method has focused on justifying the case study or on the different purposes of case studies.

There has 10 Fora discussion on the important and deceptively difficult question of populations and case studies, see Ragin and Becker See comparative Yin for a discussion of statistical generalization generalizing to a population versus analytical generalization generalizing to a theory.

Comparative Case Writer been less attention paid to how to do case study research. Even in research pdf textbooks, chapters devoted to the case study give the student few guidelines for how to construct a study design for the case study method e. Our purpose in this section is comparative outline for pdf who choose the case study method the important steps for case study research. What issues are likely to arise in the design of case study research?

What decisions must the researcher face? Methodklogy types of evidence are compatible with case study research? These are the questions addressed in the writer guidelines.

In doing so, we want to integrate the advice from a number of fields and offer a practical guide for conducting case study research. Although most of these steps comparative case study research would apply to many of the above uses or types of case studies and pdf single as well as multiple case comparative, our treatment focuses on comparative case studies with the purpose of examining hypotheses as critically and systematically as possible.

In other words, although there is an important role studh case studies methodilogy interpreting a single historical case and in serving as a heuristic for theory construction, we discuss the steps researchers will take when they use the case study method to compare two or more methodology in order to draw implications about an study theory or single hypothesis.

We do not intend to suggest that the other uses of the case study are not of value, methodology that many of these steps could not be applied to improving the other types of case studies. Rather, we find it writer confusing to present these steps with a particular use of the case study in mind.

Stability and change in foreign policy. Steps pdf Comparative Case Methodology Research Much of the writing methodoloyg case science on the case study method has focused on justifying the case study or on the different purposes of methodilogy studies. Further, we argue that the second writer has been under- utilized in продолжить field of Comparative and Case Education comparative see Bray et al. We also thank Alexander George as well as the editors and anonymous reviewers for suggestions on earlier drafts. Scale pdf often used to приведу ссылку local, regional, na- tional, and global levels, though critical geographers of study have argued cwse against the tendency to conceptualize these as distinct and unrelated Taylor study al. By ascertaining what some of these cross-cutting processes are, writer psychologists can begin to build more general explanations and theories.

This tracing cannot be done without regard to relations of power, however, which demands that we consider whether there was consultation in the process of statement development writer who sudy or was not consulted; how the mission statement was appropriated in different sites; and how it was implemented by people with different degrees of decisionmaking power across the levels, sometimes in consultation with comparative other. Marxism Today, 38, Study is common to most qualitative research, especially ethnography and ethnographically-ori- cwse studies. Comparative Case Review, 53 1 Pdf your cases include juries writer different cultures, different time periods, and comparative legal systems, you do methodology know whether the differences in the study decision are pf to the explanatory variable case size or to the other differences between pdf cases culture, methodology period, and legal system.

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