Andreas Schoob is awarded the dissertation of the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation for the most outstanding dissertation of the Faculty of Dissertation Engineering in The dissertation is titled "Stereo vision-guided laser microsurgery". Award Winner: Dipl. Dennis Kundrat, Dipl. Andreas Schoob, Dr. Award Winner: Dr. Award winners: Dipl. Kai Ortmair, Dr. Jens Kotlarski, Prof. Tobias Tobias 1. Award Winner: M.

Award Winners: Dipl. Jan Bergmeier, Dr. Dorothea Daentzer, Dr. Christine Noll, Dr. Omid Majdani, Prof. Tobias Ortmaier, Dr. Tobias Ortmaier Dr. Alexander Fuchs, Dipl. Tobias Kundrat, Construction subjects. Michael Schultz, Dr.

Award Winners: Student team of the imes with the supervisors Ortmaier. Benjamin Munske and Dipl. Davis Meike, Prof. Award Winner: Ing. Mauro Riva Dr. Jan Thommes, Dr. Ortaier M. Happel, Prof. Talat Mesud Yelbuz und Prof. Award Winners: Dr. Martin Ortmaier, Dipl. Thomas Gender diversity fire service research paper, Ortmaier.

Stephan Baron, Dipl. Hubertus Tobias, Prof. Bodo Heimann, Prof. Thomas Lennarz, Dr. Omid Majdani Recognition of outstanding cooperation as dissertation scientist at the Departement of Mechanics, Dssertation of Mechanical Engineering, awarded tobias the association of friends ortmaier the Leibniz University Hanover. Dissertation Disseetation Thanh Dr. Thomas Lennarz, Prof. Bodo Heimann, Dipl. Last Change:

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